Inclusion of women in agriculture and rural life

Within the framework of the Central American Agricultural Council (CAC), technical personnel representing ministries of agriculture, territorial stakeholders and strategic partners promoted gender mainstreaming in the implementation of the Central American Strategy for Rural Area-based Development (ECADERT), through the development of workshops, meetings and seminars as well as the provision of technical assistance. Additionally, the pilot experience of the project entitled “Building Multicultural, Rural Area-based Development for Central American Women,” was systematized through the creation of methodologies for empowering rural women and communication efforts as well as the systematization of lessons learned regarding gender mainstreaming in area-based development.

In Chile, IICA supported the inclusion of women and youth in discussions of public policy for the rural world and FF, by generating coordination opportunities such as the National Roundtable of Rural Women. The Institute also co-organized the South American Meeting of Rural Youth.

In Suriname, 45 members of the Network of Rural Women Producers improved their capacity to comply with food quality and safety standards, specifically those pertaining to the cassava agro-industry, which receives support from the EU-funded APP project. In Trinidad and Tobago, the Institute collaborated with women bread and pastry producers, who now have new ovens and mixers.

In Antigua and Barbuda, over 25 women producers learned about different mango products and participated in a competition organized by the mango agro-industry, during which 20 sub-products were assessed.